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Script customization, custom programming and script installation services Perl projects
We provide many types of CGI implementation,
including script customization, custom programming and script installation.
  • Perl script customization and custom programming:
    Our programmers can customize most Perl scripts to your requirements. We can modify most scripts written by other programmers or companies, as long as it is allowed by their copyright documentation. We also create custom scripts. Our programming rates are very competitive, in fact cheap by industry standards and range between $10-$15 per hour, depending on the complexity of your specifications.
  • Perl script installation:
    We also provide a Perl script installation service. You pick the script and we do the installation.
    We can install Perl scripts for Unix or Windows NT servers. Minimum price for installation is $15.

All our custom script solutions come with full, post-installation support. Perl is our preferred programming language, although we also favor using MySQL which is one of the fastest and most powerful database engines.

Whatever your particular programming needs, our services offer you professional results within the fastest time frame.
To get your project started today, please email us and give as many specifics as possible. We will contact you promply with pricing details and what we would need to begin., Inc. is an authorized retailer of


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